Tabari Douglas McCoy

Tabari Douglas McCoy recorded his first comedy album in his basement when he was either 10 or 11 years-old. But it was terrible and much like the item central to Indiana Jones and The Lost Ark, it was filed away to never be heard again. 

Luckily for the public, Tabari has gotten much better with age – and as soon as he takes the stage, you’ll have no problem discovering just why that is. 

A fan of stand-up comedy dating back to when Bill Cosby: Himself was new in theaters, Tabari’s sense of humor reflects a wide assortment of influences, speaking on everything from every day annoyances to pop culture, sports and his own personal experiences. Tabari’s conversational, every man style has led him to open for a wide range of today’s stars, including but not limited to Mike Birbiglia, Charlie Murphy, Tommy Jonhnagin, Jimmy Dore and Billy Gardell among others. 

Having rocked mics from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania, Tabari now looks to conquer bigger territories, like Montana (it IS bigger size-wise, than those two states!), Tabari spends his spare time wondering why every spell check tells him “Tabari” is not spelled correctly when it is … He always writes a movie blog at (shameless plug!). 

But no matter what he says, he says it all with one simple goal in mind: Making people laugh – and hoping he doesn’t anger his family or God in the process.


Be Kind Rewind
Friday, January 25th, 10pm, Cinecave at Lost Weekend

Rooftop Comedy and SF Sketchfest Stand-Up Showcase
Saturday, January 26th, 10pm, Stage Werx