Steve Lee

Steve Lee is the only Chinese comedian with a Disability in America! He performs all over the United States and China (Hong Kong), delights audiences in both continents. His comedy blends humor from his disability and cultural roots to break barrier between people, quickly becoming one of the Bay Area’s fastest rising comic gems.

He performed at Cobb’s Comedy Club, the Punchline SF, San Jose Improv, Purple Onion, Rooster T. Feathers,Tommy Ts, Takeout Comedy Club (Hong Kong), and many comedy clubs in both continents. He also opened for stand-up comedian/actor Brad Williams (TV show Mind of Mencia) at the San Jose Improv and stand-up comedian Brent Weinbach (winner of the Andy Kaufman Award at the HBO Comedy Festival) at the Herbst Theater.



Monday Happy Hour Comedy on Wednesday
Wednesday, January 29th, 7pm, Cafe Royale 21+ BUY TICKETS