Singin’ and Pingin’

Singin’ & Pingin’, currently the hottest party in San Francisco, combines the spectacle that is DJ Purple’s award-winning Dance Karaoke party with the spectacle that is the Berlin-style ping pong party known as American Tripps. Both parties take tried-and-true global traditions — karaoke and ping pong — and inject them with special brands of San Francisco energy and excitement. DJ Purple’s Dance Karaoke parties are literally nonstop: no waiting between songs, no slow songs — only dancing and singing and partying! At American Tripps, 30 or 40 people surround each ping pong table, each with their own paddle, and the game goes all night — a little chaotic, a little elegant, and 100% tons of fun! Singin’ & Pingin’ mashes up all of the above into one colossal bash, a colossal bash that never fails to blow every single mind in attendance.


Friday, January 31st, 8pm, Rickshaw Stop 21+ BUY TICKETS