Shannon O’Neill

Shannon O’Neill is a veteran performer from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, a place she has called home for over 12 years.

She can be seen every Friday night with The Stepfathers, every Sunday night in UCB NY’s longest running show, ASSSSCAT 30000 and hosting her monthly talk show “Strangers Wanted” during which she hauls audience members onto the stage to be her announcer, her guests and even her house band. Outside of UCB she can be seen on “The Chris Gethard Show,” in her web series “Shannon O’Neill is…” and on twitter @spotastic.

She was named one of “Three to Watch” by Time Out New York in March 2010. ARE YOU STILL WATCHING?


The Chris Gethard Show
Saturday, February 8th, 8pm, Eureka Theatre BUY TICKETS

Upright Citizens Brigade ASSSSCAT
Saturday, February 8th, 10pm, Marines’ Memorial Theatre SOLD OUT!