OJ Patterson

OJ Patterson is a weird guy, who writes jokes for weird people. Born and raised in the East (Michael) Bay of California, Patterson is desperately original and brimming in awkward energy. A self-described “blerd” — black nerd — his comedic essence is characterized by agile analogies, hyperactive hyperbole and interpretative dance (historically leading to hubristic pratfalls). He’s proudest of his hosting acumen (Storking Comedy at Oakland’s Stork Club), podcasts (Blackstronauts with David Gborie), writing (Courting Comedy, SFWeekly’s 2012 Top Comedy Blog), and contributions to Sylvan Productions (SFWeekly’s 2013 Best Comedy Troupe).


Storking Comedy
Friday, January 31st, 8pm, Cinecave at Lost Weekend 21+ BUY TICKETS