Mustache Harbor

Mustache Harbor is a group of dedicated and talented musicians brought together by their astrological signs and a love for vintage soft rock and sweet stashes. Formed in Northern California, M.H. is comprised of Steven Moon on Keys, (whose spiritual experience as a limo driver for Michael McDonald fueled his desire to play soft rock.) Pat Vornado on Bass…..yes, THAT Pat Vornado. Russ ” solid” Gold… out of Biscayne Bay, on drums. “Pretty” Rick Dallas on Guitar, and Dan ” the man” Kingsford on vocals, acoustic guitar and overall frontman-ness. If we are not at the Dojo, perfecting our kick-ass moves, you will find us in, on, or near the water, producing sweet sounds as smooth as the summer sea. Our mission, our destiny, is simple, to build a mustache army capable of creating a Soft Rock Explosion the likes of which has not been seen since the days when Christopher Cross, Steely Dan, Ace, Kenny Loggins and The Little River Band, to name but a few, created A.M. Gold. So Join us! party with us, live with us, work out at the dojo with us, sing with us, slap on a stash and drink from our bountiful coconuts filled with delicious grooves and tasty hooks.



Yacht Rock Heroes with Mustache Harbor & Friends
Saturday, February 2nd, 11pm, Yoshi’s San Francisco Lounge