Matt Mira

Matt Mira is a writer/comedian originally from Lowell, MA and born at the perfect time to make “Back to the Future” one of his favorite movies. After dabbling in college in Boston, Matt left behind all the snow & Dunking’ Donuts for the comedy prospects of sun-drenched Los Angeles.

In early 2010, comedian/TV personality Chris Hardwick, asked Matt to bring his love of NASA & Comedy to the “Nerdist Podcast” where he currently serves as a Co-Host along with writer/comedian Jonah Ray. In 2012 Matt teamed with writer/producer Scott Mosier for a new weekly podcast called “Four Eyes and Beard.”

In LA, Matt can be found as a repeat guest at the weekly Meltdown show, he hosts an open mic every Sunday, and with writer/comedian Kumail Nanjani, he started a monthly show, “Star Drek,” highlighting the very worst of Star Trek.

Since August of 2011, Matt has served as a Senior Segment Producer and on air tech expert for G4′s “Attack of the Show.” Even serving as occasional Guest host of the show.

If TV and podcasts aren’t enough for you, you can also follow Matt (@mattmira) on twitter all week long!


Nerdist Podcast
Friday, February 7th, 10pm, Marines’ Memorial Theatre BUY TICKETS

One Star with Thomas Lennon and Matt Mira
Saturday, February 8th, 10:30pm, The Eureka Theatre BUY TICKETS

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