Mark Mulcahy

Mark Mulcahy is a composer and performer. He has written hundreds of songs and released many albums. He began his career as  a drummer, then started writing songs. He founded the band ‘Miracle Legion’ and became a singer. Miracle Legion was signed to a handful of record labels, put out six albums, toured the US and Europe, and appeared on MTV and David Letterman. Ultimately slain by the music business, the band split after several years. Mr Mulcahy then formed Polaris and composed the music for the Nickelodeon tv show ‘The Adventures of Pete & Pete’. He has released 5 solo records and written several cartoon operas with Macarthur Grant winner Ben Katchor. He was featured in Nick Hornby’s 31 Songs, and counts Tom Yorke, Michael Stipe and David Thomas as fans.


“The Adventures of Pete & Pete” 20th Anniversary Show
Friday, January 25th, 8pm, Marines’ Memorial Theatre