Manboobs Comedy

ManBoobs Comedy is the brainchild of Danny Tamberelli, Jeremy L. Balon and Brendan O’Rourke. Born from an undying mutual love of sketch comedy, the guys began writing together in 2007 and since then have amassed a collection of both self produced and professionally produced online content, as well as a respectable following. Their videos have featured the likes of Kenan Thompson (“SNL”), Streeter Siedell (College Humor), Bishop & Douch (“Hanson at my Wedding”), Mark Saul (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “All That”) and Bridey Elliott (UCB), just to name a few. The guys have several projects in the works including a live show, a web series, a pilot and an unplanned pregnancy. –


Dark Room Showcase
Friday, January 31st, 10pm, The Dark Room BUY TICKETS
Saturday, February 1st, 8pm, The Dark Room BUY TICKETS