Larry B. Scott

Born in Harlem, New York in 1961, Larry B. Scott, started his acting career after he moved out of the Queensbridge projects to Hollis, Queens in the early 1970’s. He started out on stage where he landed his first role as the wizard, in the “Wizard Of Oz.” He started out as the stage hand. “Yea, I liked being at the theatre so much, that I agreed to sweep.” His luck changed when the wizard dropped out. “They came and asked me if I wanted to play the role-since I already knew all the words.” I said “Yes” A manager came down to the show and asked Larry B. if he wanted to be represented. He said, “Yes”, and the ball has been rolling ever since!

Larry B. Scott has starred or co-starred in over fifty film and television & stage projects. He had the kind of roles and diversity of roles most actors dream of. He started from MOW’s(Movie Of The Weeks)-mostly dramatic work and quickly jumped to film. He starred with Cecily Tyson & Paul Winfield in “A Hero Ain’t Nothing but A Sandwich” (1976), and won the best supporting Actor’s award in the Virgin Islands Film Festival. The film and the book are required reading in many east coast schools. Ten years later, he starred as Lamar Latrelle in “Revenge Of The Nerds,” which became an instant cult film/classic, and received major critical acclaim. It still plays today! Larry B’s career took off! Larry B. went on to star in many popular films and work with some of the biggest directors in Hollywood in projects such as “Iron Eagle,” “Space Camp,” “Extreme Prejudice.” He also starred In “Revenge Of The Nerds” II-IV, which turned out to be one of Twentieth-Century Fox’s most profitable franchises. Larry B. decided to try his hand at television, and quickly landed the role of high-tech scientist F.X. Spinner In the syndicated television show “Super Force.”

After his two year stint on television, an starring in a couple of TV shows, Larry B. broke into the field as Randy on the Greyhound commercials. After that stint, Larry B. was ready to get back into film, and he did it with a bang. He teamed up with Rusty Cundieff & Mark C. Lawrence and starred as Tasty-Taste in the hilarious “Fear Of A Black Hat.” Larry B. Scott received critical acclaim for his performance, and once again, the film became a cult film as well as a classic.

In the last couple of years, Larry B. has added directing, writing and producing to his plate. But it hasn’t slowed him down as an actor. Larry B. has gone on to star in T.V. shows such as “Martin,” “Jamie Foxx, “Seinfeld” and most recently “The Parkers,” continuing to keep millions of folks laughing and entertained. Look for him this year in a couple of projects: “Getting Played” with Vivica A. Fox, Carmen Electra, Stacy Dash and Bill Bellamy. You’ll see him as a writer on the cartoon “Da Jammies” due out in Feb.2006, and as a director, he directed a segment on “Comic View” entitled “The Wino Olympics” which is currently running on B.E.T.

Whatever the format, you know that when you see the name Larry B. Scott- you know its going to be something of quality as well as something worth seeing. Larry B. Scott says “That was what I was put here by the man upstairs to do.” Years of successful work in interesting and projects and millions of fans can’t be wrong.


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