Kurt Metzger

Kurt Metzger is a well rounded man of myriad interests and proclivities, each more fascinating than the last! Whenever he tells a loud skit, women want him and men want to be inside of him! He has appeared on Last Comic Standout, Alive at Gotham, Comedy Center Persents, The Dane Chappelle Program, Amy Schumer’s Insides, The Ugliest American, Tonight Times with Jimminy Fallon, and “Later!” with Greg Furgenston. He is also a professional writer whose alarm doesn’t go off sometimes so cut him some slack. At one time or another he has been an ordained minister, a salesman, and an illustrator, but all that is behind him now. Won’t you please enjoy his terrible jokes?


Inside “Inside Amy Schumer”
Thursday, February 6th, 8pm, Marines’ Memorial Theatre SOLD OUT