Josh Androsky

Josh Androsky quit high school early to pursue his love of television. By 20 he was a full time writer. He wrote/produced FOX’s New Year’s Eve Live, Reality Remix, Current TV’s SuperNews, and other shitty shows he hopes you never research. At 23, Josh felt trapped by TV. Then he did his first open mic. Free from network notes from Business Majors, Josh thrived in the alternative comedy scene. He runs comedy-freakout HAMCLOWN (LA Times), started a show on the steps of City Hall (LA Weekly), and went viral eating shrooms and getting weird on The Price is Right.


Talkies with George Chen
Friday, February 1st, 8pm, Cinecave at Lost Weekend

Rooftop Comedy and SF Sketchfest Stand-Up Showcase
Saturday, February 2nd, 10pm, Stage Werx

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