Jon Hendren


Jon is a writer from San Jose, CA, a town of such cultural luminaries as Smash Mouth and TV’s Dustin Diamond. He’s an indoors kind of guy and can usually be found at home writing something or eating in bed with his cat, Jub-Jub. The Jubster is a tuxedo cat which makes her always the best dressed of the pair by default. Jon tweets under the username @fart and pretty much always feels like he’s coming down with something– this time I think it’s the flu. Or maybe just allergies.

Jon’s been a staff writer for Internet humor mainstay Something Awful for nearly 8 years, writes a recurring column for VICE, and writes love letters to Cher that never get answered. His work has been referenced by the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Gawker, and some other folks. He’s 6’4″ and somewhat husky– pretty much on the borderline of going to special Big and Tall stores to buy clothes. He might try it one of these days, but man, that’s a big step.


How Was Your Week Live with Julie Klausner
Saturday, February 2nd, 8pm at Cobb’s Comedy Club