Improvised Shakespeare Company

Based on one audience suggestion (a title for a play that has yet to be written) The Improvised Shakespeare Co. creates a fully improvised Shakespearean masterpiece right before your very eyes! Each of the players has brushed up on his “thee’s” and “thou’s” to bring you an evening of off-the-cuff comedy using the language and themes of William Shakespeare. Nothing has been planned out, rehearsed, or written.  All of the dialogue is said for the first time, the characters are created as you watch, and if ever you’re wondering where the story is going…so are they!  The night could reveal a tragedy, comedy, or history. Each play is completely improvised, so each play is entirely new!

“Downright Hilarious… Staggeringly Brilliant”
– Time Out Chicago

“Mind blowing… It was one of the funniest, most amazing things I’ve ever seen.”
-The Charleston City Paper

“These guys set a higher standard for comedy”
– The Huffington Post


Thursday, January 30th, 7:30pm, Kanbar Hall at JCCSF BUY TICKETS