Gilli Nissim

Gilli Nissim is an improviser/comic from LA. After performing weekly sold-out shows at UCSB, Gilli decided to blow her mind fulltime by entering the world of improv in LA. She can be seen Mondays and Fridays with her Harold team Winslow at the UCB Theater. Gilli has been quickly gaining notoriety for her stand up comedy and character work as well, performing at all major and plenty of minor venues around SoCal. Gilli’s brand of comedy celebrates the universality of everyone being a little bit mad.  She can be seen in several roles this year on Adult Swim and waving at dogs from a distance.


Be Kind Rewind
Friday, January 25th, 10pm, Cinecave at Lost Weekend

SF Sketchfest in the Mission
Saturday, January 26th, 10pm, The Dark Room