Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon served as creator/executive producer of the beloved NBC comedy series “Community” for seasons 1-3.

Harmon’s pursuit of minimal work for maximum reward took him from stand-up to improv to sketch comedy, then finally to Los Angeles, where he began writing feature screenplays with fellow Milwaukeean Rob Schrab. Their first deal was with Robert Zemeckis at Imagemovers, for whom they wrote “Monster House.” They then wrote the Ben Stiller directed pilot “Heat Vision and Jack,” starring Jack Black and Owen Wilson.

Disillusioned by the legitimate industry, Harmon and Schrab retreated underground, during which time Harmon attended classes at nearby Glendale Community College. It was also during this time that Harmon and Schrab founded Channel 101, an untelevised non-profit audience-controlled network for undiscovered filmmakers, many of whom used it to launch mainstream careers, including the boys behind SNL’s Digital Shorts. Harmon and Schrab then partnered with Sarah Silverman to create her series for Comedy Central, “The Sarah Silverman Program.” Harmon served as head writer for multiple episodes.

Harmon then created, wrote and performed in a sketch series for VH1 called “Acceptable TV,” but the series was short-lived. Then, as part of a blind deal with Sony and inspired by his experience as a community college student, Harmon pitched “Community” to various network executives and NBC picked up the show immediately. “Community” marked Harmon’s first network series.

Harmon is working on the stop-motion animated film “Anomalisa,” scripted by Charlie Kaufman. The two raised the money to independently produce the film through Kickstarter. Harmon is returning to TV in 2013 with Adult Swim’s animated series “Rick & Morty.”

Harmon is a native of Milwaukee, Wisc. He’s 38; he has chronic heartburn and a cat with no teeth. Wish him luck on this new adventure in life.


Harmontown with Dan Harmon and Jeff B. Davis
Thursday, February 6th, 8pm, Cobb’s Comedy Club BUY TICKETS

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