BONAFIDE is a sketch group that performs monthly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. They work hard, play hard, to put together the funniest show they can. The group is named after a racehorse, but is written and performed by humans. Humans are welcome in the audience; no horses allowed. BONAFIDE is comprised of:
(Writers) Ally Hord, Codi Fischer, Jonny Svarzbein, Matt Manser, Patrick Baker, Skander Halim, (Performers) Dave Theune, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Lilan Bowden, Madeline Walter, Pam Murphy, and Ryan Meharry.


Dark Room Showcase
Saturday, February 1st, 8pm at The Dark Room BUY TICKETS
Saturday, February 1st, 10pm at The Dark Room BUY TICKETS