Big Grande

When Dan Lippert, Jon Mackey, Ryan Rosenberg, and Drew Tarver met, they made each other laugh a lot. So they decided to work together as Big Grande and try to make other people laugh, too. Big Grande has performed all over LA, most recently doing “Big Grande’s Little Sketch Show” to sold out audiences at the UCB theatre.¬†Individually, members of Big Grande have appeared in Animal Practice, Workaholics, Newsreaders, FunnyorDie exclusive content, and College Humor. ¬†Their spec pilot, I Think We Got It was a finalist in the NYTVF Comedy Central short pilot competition, and they have been sitting on a sketch they shot which prominently but tastefully features a character in blackface.


SF Sketchfest in the Mission
Friday, January 25th, 8pm, The Dark Room
Saturday, January 26th, 10pm, The Dark Room