Autumn Reeser

A member of the Work Juice Players since 2006, Autumn rose to fame through her starring role as Taylor Townsend in the hit series The O.C. where critics buzzed about her work as the determined go-getter in the show’s final two seasons.  She turned heads as the ambitious junior agent Lizzie Grant on the hit series Entourage, and also starred as Katie Andrews in ABC’s action-packed superhero drama No Ordinary Family.   She can currently be seen starring as blue-blood political titan Kylie Sinclair on ABC’s drama series Last Resort.  Autumn lives in Los Angeles with her writer/director husband, their one year old son Finn and their two dogs.  Her online magazine, Move LifeStyle, explores work-life balance for women through the lifestyle blogging world and she keeps up with everyone/everything/too much on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Whew.


The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Saturday, January 26th, 7pm & 9:30pm, Marines’ Memorial Theatre

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