140 Characters

Twitter. It’s not going anywhere. Everyone is getting on it, whether you like it or not. Cole Stratton (co-host of the Pop My Culture Podcast and co-founder of SF Sketchfest, the San Francisco Comedy Festival) takes you on a whirlwind journey through cyberspace as he embodies 140 characters through their fictitious Twitter accounts in a half hour. So open up your mind portal as he direct messages you his goofy brand of random comedy.

Praise for 140 Characters:

“This show was awesome. I hate using that word because it’s overused and might undermine it’s true definition but Cole is an innovator and I highly recommend this show.” — Laraine Newman, Saturday Night Live

“Cole Stratton’s ‘140 Characters’ is a brilliant concept that shines a punny light on the ridiculous side of social media, and he performs with comedic perfection. So many big, hilarious characters coming out of one little fella. I laughed until I was hoarse.”
Doug Jones, Hellboy 1&2, Pan’s Labyrinth


The 313 Improv with 140 Characters — A Twitter-Themed Solo Show by Cole Stratton
Friday, January 24th, 10:30pm, The Eureka Theatre