Year Four: January 13-30, 2005

The SF Sketchfest Tribute:
Dana Carvey
In Conversation with Marc Hershon

Bruce McCulloch

The Onion Live
with Dave Eggers

Totally Looped with Dan Castellaneta and Rick Overton

Demetri Martin

Bizarro’s Roadshow Humor Thing
with Dan Piraro, Brian Malow, Michael Capozzola and Jeff Kreisler

The Sklar Brothers in “Cheap Seats Live”

Hard n’ Phirm (Chris Hardwick and Mike Phirman)

Kasper Hauser
Killing My Lobster
Sequel 4000
Lloyd Dobler’s Boombox
The Animal Club
Prank The Dean
The iOWest Mainstage Sketch Show
Clifford & Kidd
Olde English
Elephant Larry
The Barrel Brothers
Burglars of Hamm
Lucky Ham
Pretty, Pretty Pony
Ron & Ryan
Single Entendre
Scott & Stacey
Diani & Devine
Something With Genitals