Year Three: January 9-February 1, 2004

The SF Sketchfest Tribute:
Amy Sedaris
In Conversation with Beth Lisick

Totally Looped with Dan Castellaneta, Rick Overton and more

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Symposium
“The State of Bad Movies Today”
with Michael J. Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy

Beer Shark Mice
with David Koechner, Neil Flynn, Patrick Finn, Mike Coleman

A Night of Music & Comedy
Naked Trucker (David Koechner and Dave “Gruber” Allen)
Girls Guitar Club (Mary Lynn Rajskub and Karen Kilgariff)
and Fred Armisen

Respecto Montalban (Owen Burke, Chad Carter, Jackie Clarke, Dannah Feinglass, Rob Huebel, Rob Riggle, Paul Scheer and Danielle Schneider)

Slovin & Allen
Will Durst
The Sklar Brothers
Jasper Redd
Trev & The Rev (Brian Huskey and Seth Morris)
Martin & Orloff (with Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts)
Cow Monkey
Kasper Hauser
Totally False People
Red Shirt Freshmen
The 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors
Peer Counselors (Jason Mantzoukas and Jessica St. Clair)
Sequel 4000
Joe Klocek
Some Kind of Cult
Killing My Lobster
The Meehan Brothers
Lloyd Dobler’s Boombox
Price and Nash
The Animal Club
The Habit
The Oops Guys in “Asian Sings the Blues”
I Can’t Believe it’s Not Comedy
Ludlow & Canal
Uphill Both Ways
The Disclaimers